Sunday, October 21, 2012

Notes from a Modern Woman's Diary

Whispering sweet nothings in my ear
oh, how wonderful that would be my dear
words as tender as the settling mist
would speak your feelings in a gist 

And they say chivalry was passe 
'Is it really so', ask them
mixing feminism with everything they can
for how can ever women not love the courteous man!

Written on 19th December 2007

Lessons from an Apple

Worm in the apple
loses to attract anymore 
For the modern times are here
and the act is nothing but a bore

We are too busy making ends meet
spending recklessly every week 
Is this the adult world I craved for? 
Full of deceit, greed and the weak

Come back my days of innocence
when I could spend hours in the sun
play to my heart's content
without a fear of the burn

Now, all I do is slog all day
at what cost?
living in a metro
away from all those who make me gay

Maturity is good
but not at the cost
of the child within,
who should be allowed to spring up
and make the necessary din

There's nothing like 
laying back to appreciate
the joys that surround
while the apple you ate

Written on December 1, 2007
Photo Credit: Clairissa Cooper