Sunday, October 21, 2012

Simple Story of a Sad Heart

My heart aches in all its fullness
With all the love it has
Wondering what is it
That it has done so terribly wrong

Trying to think, but nay
It fails for it was made only to feel
Wondering what is it
That it persistently does to win such scorn

Blaming the maker or the potters

Or the one who holds it in her bosom
Wondering what is it
That turned a loving rose wooden

Remembering Neruda’s

“I could write the saddest lines tonight”
Wondering what was it
That drove the man to be so torn

Recollecting all the love it has given

The faults it has overlooked
Wondering what is it
That would take the human to be forgiven

Seething with anger

It even tries to fight back
But wondering why should it
Break a habit that does no one any harm

Sadly, acknowledging perhaps it does

For reasons known and unknown
Wondering what it would be like
To be a different form

Coursing a change of heart

It stills to steel
Wondering even more than before
Will everyone love me now?

Realizing its new found existence

And beating truthfully to the new ways
Wondering when is it
That love will finally happen

Alas! If only the life of a heart

Was as simple as this tale
Wondering when will it realize
The new faults are underway!

Wrote on 30.09.2012 while contemplating about the worldly ways


  1. This is extremely well written, could so perfectly relate to each and every line. Great work !!

    1. Sincere apologies for the delayed reply. I think I was procrastinating. :( Now, I am geared up to visit my blog more often.
      Many thanks for your valuable feedback.

  2. of all, I liked this one the most for its beautiful lucidity ...

    1. Thanks The Book Worm. This one is very special to me. I was angry when I wrote this one. I think I follow that very often when it comes to poetry writing. What about you?